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I live in Lithuania at the moment. I'm studying to become a professional coach. I really like studying and that's one of the most important things in my life.

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In my opinion a good money management is very important for success in sports betting. I use mixed stakes (proportional staking), my stakes are always between 2 - 4% of my balance, never more!

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I use flat stakes and not more that 2-4% on each bet of my overall bankroll. Assuming you as a punter that have a bank roll of say 1000 Euro then I would suggest you to bet between 2% (20 Euro) to 4% (40 Euro) on all your tips and stick to that decision. Each time you double the bank you can decide whether to increase your stake or not. But as I said before never bet more than 4% of your bank roll on a particular bet. But this is just my suggestion. After all the money and the decision is yours to take. Anyhow think carefully!

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